NIX Bridge Token (NBT) rewards participants with DAO governance rights over the NIX Bridge private DeFi protocol

What is the NIX Bridge?

NIX Platform (NIX) is a mature, innovative privacy platform with its own blockchain offering a bespoke privacy protocol on its’ Bitcoin Core codebase. The NIX Bridge is the interoperability infrastructure that allows the privacy features of NIX Bridge to extend to external blockchains, tokens and assets in an instant, secure and decentralized way.

Initially the NIX Bridge will enable full anonymity of any ERC20 token on the NIX network. Due to the modular design, competing asset chains such as Polkadot, Cardano and Tezos will be brought into the ecosystem soon after.

Key Info

– NIX Ghost Tokens (NGT) are the privatized tokenized assets internal to the NIX chain.

– NIX Bridge Tokens (NBT) are the governance tokens for the NIX Bridge DAO, allowing holders to vote on development and receive incentives for providing liquidity.

NBT (NIX Bridge Token) funds DApp development on the NIX Bridge infrastructure
Power is delegated to NBT holders to ensure protocol consensus and engagement
Users are incentivised to create proposals and a number of voters are rewarded randomly
Privacy fees are distributed to Ghostnode holders and liquidity providers
Read our introduction to the NIX Bridge and learn about our decentralized DeFi privacy protocol:
The NIX Bridge is being developed in partnership with Blockchain Foundry. Read the announcement here:
For further details on the NIX Bridge architecture please refer to this Litepaper document:


  • Development funding is primarily allocated from the ETH raised at token sale (less 1/3rd for permanent liquidity lock). 
  • Team allocation consists of initial release of 2.5%, another 2.5% on release of NIX Bridge, allocated from treasury.

Trade NIX Bridge Token (NBT)

Thanks to everyone to participated in the NBT token sale event – we raised over 955ETH which we’re absolutely thrilled about! 

One third of the raised ETH was permanently locked into liquidity and NBT had a flawless listing on Uniswap at a rate of 24 NBT/ETH (around $17 at the time). Beware of fake Uniswap listings – the official links are listed below.

Thanks for your continued support & happy trading!

NBT Contract Address:



DISCLAIMER:  Investing in NBT offers no financial remuneration or reward. Any value attributed is dictated by the market and outside the control of this project. This token, its utility and future applications are experimental. The team working on this project offer no guarantees and are launching the token solely to give participants a say in the governance of the NIX Bridge protocol. Check your local laws before participating, particularly if you are a US citizen.

NBT Dock: Liquidity Staking

The contracts for liquidity staking have now been deployed and the NBT Dock is enabled!

You can now add liquidity to Uniswap and stake your LP tokens in return for NBT rewards. More information can be found on our Medium blog.

UNI-v2 LP Contract Address:


Guide to Staking with the NBT Dock

Deposit equal amounts of NBT and ETH liquidity into Uniswap (V2). 

You’ll receive equivalent UNI-V2 LP Tokens – add the LP contract address above as a custom token to view.

These UNI-V2 LP tokens can now be staked through the Dock interface. Connect your wallet to the NBT Dock.

First you need to click ‘Approve’ and confirm the transaction, allowing your wallet to interact with the staking contract.

After that you need to actually stake your LP tokens — enter the amount you want to stake and then confirm the transaction.

It’s that simple!  For more information on the multiplier, check out this article.


All transactions (apart from buying on Uniswap pairs) render a 1% tax of the total NBT amount, funding liquidity & governance incentives.

Proposal creators are incentivized & all voting addresses added to a pool. A set proportion will randomly receive an NBT bonus each round.

NBT has a maximum total supply of 60,000 with no minting capability. Unsold tokens will be burned should the hard cap not be reached. 

Liquidity providers can stake their NBT and ETH to receive additional NBT tokens from the funding allocation.

More details on NBT and the NIX Bridge Token Sale can be found in the following article: